Undergraduate research at UQ provides:

  • An opportunity to develop new skills and enhance employability.
  • Access to research networks and connections with other staff and postgraduate students.
  • Supervision by outstanding researchers.
  • Access to world class facilities and experiences that you may not have otherwise been exposed to.
  • The possibility of obtaining credit towards your degree. Please note that not all study areas will offer the summer program for credit. Recognition towards degree requirements is also subject to the degree rules and structure of your program. Students should refer to specific study area for further information.
  • Scholars who qualify for a Summer Research Scholarship will receive funding equivalent to $360 per week, paid jointly by the UQSEC and the participating Faculty, School, Centre or Institute. The funding is not normally paid during periods away from the University, such as during the Christmas break. This allowance may be paid fortnightly, or as one or more lump sums, as determined by your research unit.
  • If a scholarship recipient withdraws from the program, their scholarship and travel grant (if applicable) will need to be returned in full. Confirmation of student eligibility and coordination of all payments will be made by the research units.