Scholars are expected to participate in an ongoing research project or to undertake a substantial piece of supervised research work. The period of eligibility for scholarship payments is up to 8 weeks, generally commencing in mid-November and concluding in mid-February. The research period is normally broken into two parts to allow for the Christmas break when the University is closed.

It is expected that scholars will work a minimum of 20 hours per week for at least six weeks. Please note that some positions require scholars to work on a full-time basis (up to 36 hours per week), and the expected workload is set by each research unit.

Where appropriate to the project, additional discipline/project specific obligations may also be required, such as training in research safety and ethics. Please refer to specific research unit for further details. When offers are made, the contact officers will provide scholars with details of the starting dates and expected workload.

The scholar and the supervisor are able to negotiate the duration of the project and the workload requirements. Please refer to specific study area for further details.