Akash Boda in one of UQ's Biotechnology labs.
Vithya Krishnan working in the field.

I chose The University of Queensland because UQ is one of the top universities in the world with a strong focus on research. I chose UQ to advance my skills and knowledge in my major Ecology, which is an important science within the era of climate change. UQ has a strong interest in promoting research in different areas, and offers a wide variety of courses to enhance student learning. With that in mind, UQ was a clear choice for me to commence my undergraduate studies. 

I chose to live in a share house with other students to meet new people and to live independently. 

The best part about my studies at UQ was that as part of my major, we were required to enrol in field courses to prepare us for future field work. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going out in the field and studying various ecosystems, gaining first-hand knowledge on field based research. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with academics from different research fields which has not only increased my knowledge in these areas but helped foster bonds for future engagements. I would say the best part of studying at UQ is meeting new people from various backgrounds and forging new relationships.