Engage in a formal research project over the summer semester with the UQ Summer Research Scholarship Program.

You'll gain valuable academic and professional skills, develop links with industry and academic contacts, and have the chance to road-test research.

The program runs from mid-November to mid-February. 

You'll receive a scholarship for the duration of the program. You can also count your participation towards attainment of the UQ Employability Award.

Apply for a 2018 scholarship

Applications will open on 9 July 2018.

1. Check requirements
2. Find a project
3. Get supervisor approval
4. Apply online

1. Check requirements

Find full eligibility criteria in the UQ Summer Research Guidelines.

Broad requirements for the Faculty of Science Summer Research Scholarships are listed below:

  • Undergraduate applicants must have completed a minimum of 16 units (one year of full-time study or equivalent) at time of application.
  • Postgraduate applicants must have completed a minimum of 2 units (or equivalent) at time of application, and your GPA will be calculated on both your undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  • Applications made by students who do not fulfil the above conditions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Selection process

  • The Associate Dean (Academic) will determine the successful Scholarship recipients.
  • A meritorious process will be used, based largely on GPA.
  • Preference will be given to students enrolled in a Faculty of Science program, and to those who are further along in their studies.
  • Students may be requested to select a different project depending on the number of places available in each project.
  • Students with a cumulative GPA of less than 5.5 are unlikely to be successful.
  • Prior Summer Research Scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply (excluding BAdvSc(Hons) students, who may apply for a second scholarship).

Credit transfer

Selected Science disciplines offer this program for credit through one of six research project courses:  

  • GEOS3400 Research Topic (for BEnvMan(Hons) students)
  • PLAN4010 Research Topic (Planning) (for BRTP students)
  • SCIE3210 Research Topic in Geographical Science
  • SCIE3230  Introduction to Research in Geological Sciences
  • SCIE3241 Special Project in Biology
  • SCIE3251 Introduction to Research in Mathematics/Physics
  • SCIE3260 Introduction to Research in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Microbiology (A)
  • SCIE3261 Introduction to Research in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Microbiology (B)
  • SCIE3271  Introduction to Research in Agriculture and Food Science (B)

Recognition towards degree requirements depends on your program's structure and degree rules. Please contact the Faculty of Science for further advice: enquire@science.uq.edu.au.

After gaining permission from the relevant School, you can enrol in a research project course by using the application form in the course's electronic course profile.

2. Find a project

Download and view the 2018 Science Project List.

The list will be continuously updated as projects become available.

Students must contact the supervisor/s, prior to submitting an application. Evidence of supervisor support is required to be uploaded as part of the application process.

For all other enquiries, email the Faculty of Science team at enquire@science.uq.edu.au.

3. Get supervisor approval

Before applying, discuss the project's availability and suitability with the listed supervisor in the relevant research unit.

Gain tentative supervisor approval via email, for involvement in the nominated project and include this in your application.

Supervisor approval for applications is tentative and not binding. It does not imply success of your scholarship application, nor guarantee a place in the program, or in any specific project.

4. Apply online

Find full application details, including 2018 submission deadlines and guidance on how to apply, and view testimonials from previous scholars.

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