Tuan during a practical at one of Gatton's animal facilities.
Tuan during a practical at one of Gatton's animal facilities.
Program: Master of Animal Studies
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Why did you choose your current program at UQ?
I chose UQ because of its high ranking, especially in agriculture.
What were your first impressions of Brisbane and UQ?
Gatton campus, where agriculture is taught, is one of UQ's smaller specialized campuses. When I first arrived I was surprised because there are fewer students on this campus than I had expected. But later, I really enjoyed this peaceful place. Since there are not that many students, it is easier to make closer connections with other people, just like a family. I made friends with lots of international students here.
What are your impressions of Science at UQ?
The academic staff, student support and student services are very supportive. I am very grateful to student services for their professional advice and their help in proofing my English writing. Most of the academic staff have research opportunities available for those students who are interested in getting hands-on research experience. They are very willing to support and guide the student. The university has really great facilities and many types of animals to practice your animal handling skills with.
What has been the highlight of your studies so far?
I really enjoyed getting hands-on experience at the various animal facilities.
What extracurricular activities are you involved in? 
I am part of the Gatton International Student Association (GISA) - a diverse group of international students. I also used the campus swimming pool and went to the Gatton Market Day once a week.
What do you plan to do after graduation? 
I will return to UQ for further study if I have a chance.
Do you have any advice for students from your country that are thinking about studying Science at UQ?
If you are planning to study agriculture, please do go to UQ Gatton. UQ’s agriculture area has high rankings, great facilities for practicing, a great library with access to most international journals, cheap accommodation, a friendly family atmosphere, plenty of study space, and a free car park.
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