Tom ChappellI have a keen interest in mathematics and intend to pursue a research career in the field. I see maths as a way to explore exciting, obscure, creative and 'wacky' concepts and ideas, that we would be otherwise unable to even begin to comprehend. It is this, the 'creative' side of the discipline, that keeps my interest and drives me to learn as much as I can.

I've found that intellectually, university has been a very easy  transition. Uni provides an environment that seems to really suit my style of learning and self motivation. On the other hand, logistically, I found that it was a nightmare. Surely, this is one of the areas where mentoring would be exceptionally helpful!

ASPinS has many virtues, particularly in exposing students to research early on in their studies and encouraging us to motivate ourselves to the important aspects of study. I would like to share an amusing anecdote that is immensily relevant, and indicative of ASPinS. After the conference last year I, a few other students and one of the coordinators were discussing the issue of time management. The lecturer observed that almost always, at some time, ASPinS students will have to choose between working on their ordinary course content and their ASPinS projects. In a bizzare moment of unity, all of us students there immediately replied that we always chose ASPinS!

UQ Study Program: BSc

Major: Mathematics, year 3

Interests: Being entranced by some unusual, inconsequential yet vastly entertaining gimmick.