(Established in 2008 and maintained from the income of a bequest from the late Margaretha Ebersohn.)
1. Up to three scholarships will be awarded by Senate on the recommendation of the Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Science (the Associate Dean).
2. The scholarship is open to students who -
a.     are domestic students as defined in the Fee Rules; and
b.     in semester 1 of the year of the award, are enrolled full-time in either their first or second semester of one of the following programs -
i.        the Bachelor of Agricultural Science; or
ii.        the Bachelor of Applied Science (Plants).
3. The scholarship is awarded to the applicant, or applicants, showing greatest merit as demonstrated by -
c.     academic achievement during secondary school studies and any previous tertiary studies; and
d.     an interest in pursuing studies in crop agronomy, pasture agronomy or soil
conservation; and
e.     personal qualities, including leadership potential; and
f.      other evidence that may be considered relevant by the selection committee to future success by the student in the agriculture, agronomy or related industries.
4. The scholarship is awarded on merit as tenure becomes vacant.
5. The scholarship is tenable for the normal minimum duration of the recipient's program, subject to -
a.     the recipient maintaining satisfactory academic progress each semester; and
b.     the recipient's continued full-time enrolment in the program for which the scholarship was awarded.
A recipient failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress must show cause to the Associate Dean why the scholarship should not be cancelled. Applications must be lodged with and by the date set by the Associate Dean. The scholarship must not be held concurrently with another scholarship considered by the Associate Dean to be similar. The scholarship may not be deferred. 
This scholarship will be available again in 2014. 
Submit applications, using the Gatton Scholarship Application Form, to the Gatton Student Centre.