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The registration portal will be launched soon. Fees will be similar to past conferences, which have been around $500 for standard conference registration.

In the meantime, you may need to seek authorisation from your supervisor to attend, or you may be wondering whether several days away from your core duties is justifiable. Here’s some food for thought that might help:
• As technical staff, finding useful professional development activities can be difficult due to our degree of specialisation – or generalisation. What better way to learn than from your peers who are facing and overcoming similar challenges?
• TechNet conferences are very affordable and great value for money. Comparable industry conference registrations often start at $2,000.
• About to embark on a new project? Struggling to overcome a particular challenge? Proud of a recent achievement or innovation? Looking for a seachange? There is space at the TechNet conference for you to share information, avoid re-inventing the wheel, demonstrate your leadership, and network vertically.
• Knowing where to go for help or advice can really add value in your job. TechNet conferences put you in touch with the people who can help.
• The conference theme of ‘revealing your value’ could even be brought to light at your home institution through your absence for a couple of days. It might be a reminder of how invaluable you are!