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Abstract submissions are welcome on any topic relevant to the tertiary sector technical community.

However, the committee particularly welcomes abstracts that address the conference theme, such as:

  • Demonstrating your value: how to arm yourself with data and market yourself
  • Recognition and Reward: are your skills and contributions defined, measured, optimised and rewarded?
  • Champions of Change: surviving and maximising opportunities in a forever changing tertiary sector. How to strategically align yourself better: advice and encouragement to others.
  • Centralisation: tricks, traps and pitfalls of the centralisation process and what it means for you.
  • Unions: how can they help and support technical staff?
  • Uniforum: understanding the implications.

…or abstracts on the other key session themes:

  1. Finding efficiencies and strategies to work in a fast pace and dynamic environment: the little things that work.
  2. Facility design: success stories and failures.
  3. Problem solving and funding: where to look and how to get help.
  4. Staff development opportunities: ways to discover opportunities and pay rises. How to approach management successfully.

We encourage a diversity of applications, and ask that all presenters think about how their presentation may be of relevance to other delegates regardless of discipline or job type. Presentations (including facility tours) will be most effective if they are framed around problems, solutions, innovations and skill-sharing.

To submit an abstract, you must intend to register and attend the conference if your abstract is accepted. The conference committee will inform you in mid-September if your presentation has been accepted for inclusion in the conference program.

You may submit multiple abstracts, but will only be able to give one oral presentation.

If the demand for oral presentations exceeds the available slots, the committee may ask you to consider presenting a poster or 5-minute speed talk instead, or may ask you to do a short presentation instead of a long one.

Four types of presentation can be presented by conference delegates. Different types of content will be suited to each presentation type.


Posters will be on display throughout Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November, in the same venue as the trade display and catering. This will give you opportunities to discuss your work or ideas face-to-face with fellow delegates.

Short or long presentation

Short (20 minutes) or long presentations (40 minutes) are talks that will occur in themed sessions on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November. They may be ‘traditional’ oral presentations, interactive presentations or roundtable discussions.

Oral presentations are a great way to give an overview of a project or initiative that you recently completed, or to share your knowledge on a subject. You should allow 5 or 10 minutes at the end for questions from the audience. We also hope to finish each of these sessions with a discussion panel.

Guided roundtable discussions could be a suitable format for seeking collective solutions to a problem you’re facing, or exploring a topic in more depth.


A workshop involves the hands-on demonstration of a technique, method or tool. You must be prepared to be self-sufficient for materials for your workshop. Proposals for practical activities must be accompanied by a risk assessment or JSA.

Tour of a facility

Note: The tour submission portal is for UQ St Lucia applicants only – contact the conference organisers directly if you would like to offer a tour of a nearby facility, and we’ll see if we can accommodate your request within the conference program.

Instead of doing a powerpoint presentation in a lecture theatre, consider doing your presentation in your facility. Tours of facilities are a great way to show off your gear, but they can be so much more. You can introduce delegates to your facility, but then think about framing your presentation around issues that you have faced. Delegates will be looking for take-away lessons: Could this happen to me? How can I apply this in my facility, to my staff, or to my discipline? How can it help me in my job?

After reviewing your tour proposal, the conference committee will contact you regarding logistics such as capacity, availability, access, and risk management.

Guidelines for using the abstract submission portal

  • Provide your name, institution and email address in the portal below. If there are multiple authors, you can provide these details on your Abstract Submission Document.
  • Provide a brief title that describes your presentation (up to 20 words).
  • Upload your Abstract Submission Document (Word document format, .doc or .docx) with all parts of the Abstract Template filled in. It should end up looking like this example abstract.
  • In the submission portal, you will be asked what your preferred presentation type is.

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Thank you for your interest in presenting at TechNet Australia 2018. Please complete the sections below. We will be in touch within one week with acknowledgement of your submission. We will announce in mid-September if your abstract has been accepted into the conference program.