Science is truly global! Make your first step towards an internationally oriented career in Science and study overseas with UQ's Student Exchange program. The program offers you the opportunity of studying overseas for up to one year on exchange, while gaining credit towards your degree.

The university has exchange agreements with more than 150 exchange partner universities in 35 countries, including the US, UK and France. Spending part of your program overseas opens up an exciting array of opportunities you might never have thought possible and is especially beneficial when combined with foreign language skills that you have learned.

You want to go on Exchange? Plan Ahead!

  • Your first semester: Have fun, get settled into uni and think about going on exchange (don’t take any electives) - you may wish to enrol in a language course to broaden your country options!
  • Your second semester: Research where you’d like to go, what kinds of courses you’d like to do and submit an application
  • Your third semester: Get ready for your exchange: prepare paperwork, apply for your visa, organise housing
  •  Your fourth semester: Exchange!

While on exchange, you remain enrolled at UQ and continue to pay (or defer) tuition fees (or HECS) to UQ. No additional tuition fees are paid to the host university.

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