Siti Zulkifli at the Great Court on St Lucia campus.
Siti Zulkifli at the Great Court
on St Lucia campus.
Program: Bachelor of Biotechnology
Country of Origin: Malaysia
Why did you choose your current program at UQ?
UQ is one of the world’s leading universities that offers cutting-edge research-based programs in biotechnology particularly in chemistry (which is my major field of interest)
What were your first impressions of Brisbane and UQ?
Honestly, when I first came to UQ, I felt scared because I was in a new place and away from my family. I also found it daunting that the campus is big and that I could easily get lost. However, with time, I managed to adapt to the surroundings with the help of friendly and helpful people around campus. In fact, I also managed to find shortcuts to lecture halls - which was rather exciting!
Additionally, I was impressed with Brisbane’s excellent transportation services that are convenient for students to stay 1or 2 suburbs away from campus.  
What are your impressions of the Science facilities?
Studying science at UQ was enhanced by the state-of-the-art facilities such as the laboratories, lecture halls and libraries that assist an effective learning experience.
During my third year, I participated in the undergraduate research opportunities programs (UROP) at Institute of Molecular Bioscience (IMB) where I was able to gain hands-on experience working on research with internationally renowned scientists. The experienced gained from this program was especially valuable as I acquired essential research skill for my Honours year. 
What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
Another unique experience that I treasured was the opportunity to work as a tutor for practical classes and a PASS leader for tutorial sessions for 1st year chemistry students. This was a fulfilling experience that has improved my communication skills and assisted in building my confidence.
What do you plan to do after graduation?
After graduation, my plan is probably to take a break for a few months before pursuing a research higher degree (RHD) here at UQ. 
Do you have any advice for students that are thinking about studying Science at UQ?
UQ is an amazing place equipped with adequate facilities that can drive excellence. For those who are thinking of doing science here at UQ, this university is indeed a great choice, as it will prepare you to become a world-recognized science graduate. Of course, you do have to study smart and efficiently.


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