UQ has partnerships with over 150 universities in 35 countries! To help you with your decision making, we have listed some popular destinations that Science students have chosen for their exchange in the past:

Country University Popular with students from:
AUSTRIA University of Vienna BSc (Chemistry)
CANADA McGill University All
  Queen's University BSc (Biomedical Science)
  University of British Columbia All
DENMARK University of Copenhagen BSc (Mathematics)
GERMANY Technische Universitat Berlin BSc (Chemistry)
IRELAND University College Dublin BSc (Biomedical Science, Microbiology, Zoology), BRTP
NORWAY University of Oslo BSc (Mathematics, Biomedical Science)
SINGAPORE National University of Singapore BSc (Biomedical Science)
SWEDEN Uppsala University BSc (Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Ecology/Zoology)
U.K. University of Edinburgh All
  University of Birmingham BEnvMan
  University of Glasgow All
  University of Manchester BSc (Biomedical Science), BRTP
  University of Sheffield BRTP
U.S.A. University of California BEnvMan, BSc (all majors)
  University of Washington BMarSt

To get a better understanding of the course transfer requirements you can take a look at the Exchance Credit Database.

Please note that the above are just some of the possible options. For a full list of all 130 universities visit the UQ Abroad website. You can also get in contact at:

UQ Abroad
Room 220, Level 2
Student Union Complex
Email: uqabroad@uq.edu.au

For more inspiration, read the testimonials from Science students who have participated in the UQ student exchange program!