What is PASS@UQ?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a student-centred and directed learning model focused on providing formative self- and peer- assessment practice with immediate feedback.

The informal and interactive environment of Peer Assisted Study Sessions is structured to meet your diverse learning abilities, needs and styles, promoting a culture in which you are not afraid to question, critique and apply concepts inherent within your discipline. 

Why is PASS@UQ so successful?

The PASS program for each first year course is owned and managed by the individual schools at UQ offering these courses, ensuring close affiliation between you and the university's academia and leaders.

Since PASS was established in 1994, successful examples of the leader-generated study activities and worksheets have been preserved and catalogued as resource material for subsequent generations of leaders, promoting continued excellence and relevance in aligning your learning with course curriculum teaching and learning objectives.

For more detailed information on the Peer Assisted Study Sessions Program run at UQ, see our Leader Development Handbook.