From the Lab to a Labyrinth of Opportunities

Roche Products Ltd

BSc, Hons (Anatomical Sciences) 2000

Minimum $85,000
Maximum $110,000
Average $97,000 p.a

THINK studying science means you're doomed to the doldrums of a lab?

Not for this UQ Science graduate, who proves a career in science can take you wherever you want to go.

Oliver Jarrett started his career as a developmental scientist, and in this capacity worked for some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

"I wanted to do science that could more immediately affect the quality and quantity of people's lives," he says.

Not content to remain in the lab, Oliver has now taken on a very different role in the pharmaceutical development process.

Based in Sydney as a business analyst for the global company Roche, Oliver analyses sales, marketing and clinical data to identify market and product trends.

He also performs "competitive intelligence work", anticipating competitors' moves and developing strategies to ensure market dominance.

"There is no lab work involved with the job, but I still get to do analyses, which is what I love," Oliver says.

"The role is quite varied and I consult directly with the senior managers of various departments."

While Oliver finds his work professionally satisfying, he says it has also provided him an enviable lifestyle.

"I am settled in Manly within walking distance of the beach and can see Sydney Harbour out my window," he says.

"Roche is also near the beach, so I surf as often as my work load permits.

“Talk about work/life balance.”

Oliver says the biomedical science degree at UQ equipped him to take on a range of career options.

"It is useful for providing a broad base of knowledge that can be built upon and tailored to meet the specific requirements of whichever of the many paths science leads you down."