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Live Sciences and Medicine, The University of Aberdeen

Bachelor of Science (Hons) 1968 PhD

$100,000+ p.a.

In 2004 the University of Aberdeen appointed its very first female Vice-Principal in the institution's 500-year history.

UQ graduate Professor Neva Haites is an expert in clinical genetics. She is Head of the College of Life Sciences and Medicine - the largest College at the Scottish University. 

Neva could not have foreseen her historic post when she was an undergraduate student studying on the other side of the world, nor when she moved to Scotland more than 30 years ago to study medicine. 

"When I first joined the University of Aberdeen I was just delighted to have a job that allowed me to work in the area of clinical genetics and engage in genetic research," she said.

"I enjoyed the combination of clinical work, research and undergraduate teaching. I realized that I had found a role that utilized both my scientific training from my PhD at UQ and my medical degree." 

Neva relocated to Aberdeen from Australia with her husband who was working in the oil industry.

On completing her studies she went on to train in clinical genetics before taking up a post as lecturer in medical genetics. 

Over the years she was promoted through the ranks to Professor, Head of Service Medical Genetics and most recently Associate Dean (Clinical).

Neva's research has focused on molecular genetic aspects of human disease, including the clinical and genetic study of the hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies and more recently the inherited predispositions to cancer.