Office of Learning and teaching

Australian Awards for University Teaching

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning


  • Professor Michael Drinkwater, School of Mathematics and Physics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    For role playing activities in undergraduate courses that motivate students to engage with course material and develop high level problem solving skills.
  • Dr Helen Keates, School of Veterinary Science.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    For developing practice-ready veterinary graduates with mastert of fundamental knowledge and principles of veterinary anaesthesia and their application in novel, challenging clinical settings.

ALTC Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning


  • Associate Professor Matthew Davis, School of Mathematics and Physics
    For implementing active learning methods that inspire, motivate and engage first year physics students


  • Prof Lawrie Gahan, School of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences
    For 25 years of engaging students, enhancing learning, inspiring colleagues and sustaining leadership in chemistry
  • Dr Joseph Grotowski, School of Mathematics
    For sustained leadership in teaching and learning of mathematics - engaging students and inspiring an institutional culture around curriculum innovations across the discipline
  • Michael Jennings, School of Biological Sciences
    For improving first-year students' mathematical understanding through enthusiasm, engagement and innovative teaching approaches
  • Dr Terry Tunny, School of Biomedical Sciences
    For outstanding dedication and expertise in teaching physiology in clinical context to medical students resulting in an enhanced educational experience in the medical program.


  • Dr Galea Victor, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences 
    For creating high-impact learning experiences for plant pathology students using authentic industry cases and contexts and innovative applications of technology.
  • Dr Stephen Anderson, School of Biomedical Sciences
    For inspiring and motivating veterinary science students to learn through a creative, relationship-centred approach to teaching. 


Carrick Awards for Teaching Excellence - $25,000 each
  • Dr Paul Mills, School of Veterinary Science
  • Prof Glen Coleman, School of Veterinary Science
CAAUT Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
  • Dr Margaret Wegener, School of Physics
    For readying diverse student cohorts for further learning by effectively engaging them in a variety of first-year level physics courses
Carrick Awards for Programs that Enhance Student Learning - $25,000 each
  • Dr Valda Miller, Elwyn Oldfield, Dr Averil Cook, Dr Marie Kavanagh, Mr Graham Jordan
    Category: The First-Year Experience
    Winner: Supporting first-year learning through Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)


  • Dr Madan Gupta, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
    For the enhancement of student performance through innovative cooperative learning strategies and fostering a supportive environment for peer and self-assessment
  • Assoc Prof Stephen Adkins, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
    For 18 years exemplary supervision and support of postgraduate research students with a non English speaking background in the field of Agricultural Science 
  • Dr Massimo Gasparon, School of Earth Sciences
    For a decade of commitment to the enhancement of teaching quality and student experience, and to the education of professional geologists and earth sciences.
  • Associate Professor Shaun Collin
    For the development and implementation of an intense, research-led, field-based course to enhance both domestic and international student learning in theoretical and practical neurobiology.
  • Dr Barbara Maenhaut, School of Mathematics and Physics
    For outstanding contributions to the development of innovative teaching methods and resources that address the difficulties faced by students in first year mathematics.