Akash Boda in one of UQ's Biotechnology labs.
Muhammad Malek Abdul Karim on campus at UQ.

I chose The University of Queensland because it has an research intensive environment and it assured me that I would be prepared for my career in the rapidly evolving fields of human health and disease. I came here with a group of course mates back where I was doing a diploma in pharmaceutical science in Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. 

During my studies I worked temporarily tutoring some of my friends for their modules. I balanced this with my studies because I basically managed my time well. However, studies was still my first priority. The best part of my studies was definitely the part where I worked with leading scientists
based at UQ’s research institutes and did a project in my final semester with one of these research laboratories to put my theoretical knowledge into practice.

As for my project, I was doing a meta learning project with Dr Louise Ainscough (associate lecturer) School of Biomedical Sciences. The project was basically on self-regulated learning strategies utilized by undergraduate students in their first year and second year of study. I was happy with the information rendered to me at various seminars. It had the sufficient information a first year student would require and parents as well as students had an opportunity to interact with representatives from the university itself which was splendid.