Microbiology is a discipline of enormous importance in basic, clinical and applied science. Microbiological research within the UQ Faculty of Science encompasses bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa with applications in medical science, biotechnology, biosecurity and agriculture. In the 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) assessment UQ received the highest rating of ‘well above world-standard’ in Microbiology and Medical Microbiology.

The Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre investigates bacterial, viral and fungal infectious diseases afflicting humans. This microbial pathogenesis research effort aims to produce novel diagnostics, develop new therapeutics and vaccines to prevent and treat infectious diseases. There are also major programs in Veterinary and Animal Infectious Disease research and Plant Pathology.

In recent years, research in microbiology has been revolutionized by new and exciting technologies. Genomics and Bioinformatics is central to research across the microbial sciences and The Australia Centre for Ecogenomics provides a focus for sequence-based analysis of microbial communities (metagenomics) with applications in environmental and geosciences, biological sciences, host-microbe interactions and ecology & evolutionary biology.

Some of the major areas of research across the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, the School of Veterinary Science, the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences and the School of Biological Sciences are: