Australian Antarctic Division

BSc (Marine Biology, Botany and Ecology) 2001
BSc, Honours (Botany) 2002

Minimum $42,000 (in Australia)
Maximum $48,000 (in Australia)

Minimum $70,000 (in Antarctica/Subantarctica)
Maximum $75,000 (in Antarctica/Subantarctica)

"From a young age I had some strange affinity with the sea and was quite passionate about following that career path."

With a combination of marine science courses, botany and ecology, Kate has had jobs in both fields and is now firmly based in both camps working for the Australian Antarctic Division in a marine environment working on Sub Antarctic and Antarctic plants. 

During the summer months, Kate spends six months of the year in the field on different islands gathering data and doing research in these remote and very scenic regions of the Antarctic.

“Most of my work revolves around travel. To access these islands, you have to be associated with national research programmes. I have been fortunate enough to work under both the Australian programme – continental Antarctica, Heard Island (SW of Western Australia) and Macquarie
Island (SE of Tasmania) and the South African programme - Marion Island (SE of CapeTown). I am soon to travel to France’s Kerguelen Island as well. There are incredible rewards, both big and small. The best aspect of my work is the hot showers on station after 2-3 weeks in the field! Apart from that, the outdoor lifestyle, fantastic scenery and the deep and lasting friendships you make."


"Identify the things that you are passionate about and look for the career path that will provide you with a way of allowing you to work in that area."