Kamornrath feeds a kangaroo at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane.
Kamornrath feeds a kangaroo at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane.
Program: Master of Food Studies (New name of the program: Master of Food Science and Technology)
Country of Origin: Thailand
For Thai student, Kamornrath Sungkaprom, ensuring a steady supply of safe and nutritious food in her home country is becoming a reality.
Determined to contribute to making this change, Kamornrath enrolled in an undergraduate degree in Food Technology at Assumption University in Thailand. After graduation she realized that she needed further knowledge to become a food scientist in the fight against hunger and poor food supply.
In early 2012, Kamornrath decided to apply for a Master of Food Studies at The University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane after hearing about UQ from one of her lecturers at Assumption University.
“My supervisor for my final thesis at Assumption completed her PhD at UQ and recommended their expertise and excellent facilities in Food Science,” said Kamornrath.
“UQ’s ranking in the top group of universities in the world for agricultural science was another major deciding factor for me.”
At the end of July 2012 Kamornrath made the 13 hour journey to Brisbane where her first few days were turbulent and much of her time was spent looking for accommodation, organising a student ID card and enrolling into courses, but Karmonrath was amazed at the support she received during that time.
“I was very impressed by the generosity of the people at UQ. One of my senior lecturers went out of his way to help me look for accommodation,” Kamornrath said.
At the beginning of August, Kamornrath was selected from over 114 applications to become the recipient of one of the inaugural AU$5,000 International Scholarships from UQ’s Faculty of Science.
As she embarks on her second semester at UQ, Kamornrath’s goal is to become an expert in food encapsulation which has the potential to improve the food supply not just in Thailand but also worldwide.

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