Cheryl Kay Yin in front of UQ's Forgan Smith Building.
Cheryl Kay Yin in front of UQ's Forgan Smith Building.
Program: Bachelor of Science (Double major: Marine Science and Genetics)
Country of Origin: Singapore
Why did you choose to study in Australia and at UQ?
I’ve always had a passion for marine life and felt this course with a major in marine science would help me better understand the issues threatening marine biodiversity. A course majoring in marine science will also offer me opportunities to do research projects on Heron Island where UQ has a research station. I look forward to working with researchers and fellow peers who are equally passionate about caring and protecting the marine biodiversity of our planet for the future.
What were your first impressions of Brisbane?
Coming to Brisbane was a refreshing change from my home country. I was amazed at the number of open spaces, parks and greenery all around Brisbane and love how the Australians really embrace family-centric life. The weekend fresh markets in West End and the outdoor lifestyle of barbecues, beaches and sports as well as an emphasis on eco-friendly living really added dimension to student life here in Queensland.
The main UQ campus (St. Lucia) truly made me appreciate nature more with the great court and outdoor lunch picnics. It made the university grounds more than just a static place to study and take exams but instead, the environment (UQ lakes, great court) made campus lifestyle enjoyable, relaxing and welcoming. The lecturers and other students both local and foreign made the place a diverse melting pot of hustle and bustle that continues to enrich my education here at UQ.
What are your impressions of science at UQ?
I’ve found the UQ staff to be incredibly friendly and helpful in giving advice and directions.
What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
Currently my major involvement is in the UQ Mountain Club, UQ Dance Club and occasionally in the UQ Dive Club. I enjoy a lot of outdoor sports and love to meet new people and go to new places all the time, hence clubs are a good way to get active and make friends!
Do you have any advice for students that are thinking about studying Science at UQ?
As a marine science major student, I chose this university for my bachelor degree as UQ is known for its exceptional research facilities and supportive advisors who will offer insights into various areas of interest in the science field. Furthermore, with research stations located on Heron Island and near the Great Barrier Reef, it offers me a wide range of places to carry out research projects and to gain valuable skills and experiences through collaborating with researchers with various areas of expertise in science.
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