Akash Boda in one of UQ's Biotechnology labs.
Carol Grace Fernandez

I chose The University of Queensland because the credit exemptions that UQ offered me allowed me to complete my degree in less than a year which would allow me more time to pursue other things. Additionally, UQ is also one of the universities in the group of 8 which made me choose UQ.
In my 1st semester, I did a homestay with an elderly couple which gave me the opportunity to experience Australian culture and lifestyle first hand. In my 2nd semester, I stayed in a share house with 4 other people. 

I did not choose to work during my time here, instead I spent most weekends travelling around Australia. I ensured that I completed all my assignments during the weekdays so that I had time to explore during the weekends. The best part about my studies at UQ is how lecturers never fail to pique our interest in a lot of different topics, not just related to the course. We are constantly encouraged to have discussions and learning is done through many different mediums that renewed our interest in lifelong learning.