Australian Research Council

2014 Winners

Associate Professor Warwick Bowen - (School of Mathematics and Physics)

Dr Jack Clegg - (School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences)

Dr Jan Engelstaedter - (School of Biological Sciences)

Dr Arkady Fedorov - (School of Mathematics and Physics)

Dr Martine Maron - (School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management)

Dr Margie Mayfield - (School of Biological Sciences)

Dr Ian McCulloch - (School of Mathematics and Physics)

Dr Tom Stace - (School of Mathematics and Physics)

Past winners

Dr Garrie Arumugam - Biomedical Sciences

Dr Sureshkumar Balasubramanian - Biological Sciences

Dr Holger Baumgardt - Mathematics and Physics

Dr Christine Beveridge - Biological Sciences

Professor Mark Blows - Biological Sciences

A/Professor Michael Bromley - Mathematics and Physics

Dr Richard Clark - Biomedical Sciences

Dr Nicole Cloonan - Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Dr Tamara Davis - Mathematics and Physics

Dr Diana Fisher - Biological Sciences

Dr Bryan Fry - Biological Sciences

Dr Richard Fuller - Biological Sciences

Dr Salit Kark - Biological Sciences

Dr Karen Kheruntsyan - Mathematics and Physics

Dr Peter Kopittke - Agriculture and Food Sciences

Dr Elizabeth Krenske - Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Dr Dustin Marshall - Biological Sciences

A/Professor Clive McAlpine - Geography, Planning and Environmental Management

Dr Katrina McGuigan - Biological Sciences

Dr Evan Moore - Chemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr Ebinazar Namdas - Mathematics and Physics

Dr Murray Olsen - Mathematics and Physics

Dr Michael Piper - Biomedical Sciences

A/Professor Anthony Richardson - Mathematics and Physics

A/Professor Mark Schembri - Chemistry and Molecular Biology

A/Professor Gary Schenk - Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Dr Ethan Scott - Biomedical Sciences

A/Professor Craig Williams - Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Dr Kerrie Wilson - Biological Sciences

Dr Trent Woodruff - Biomedical Sciences