• Gahan, L & Lawrie, G. Project IS-IT learning? Online interdisciplinary scenario-inquiry tasks for active learning in large, first year STEM courses.
    • Project team: Professor Phil Long (CEIT), Kelly Matthews (Science), Professor Peter Adams (Science), Dr Lydia Kavanagh (Engineering), and Purdue University   $215,000
  • Veterinary pharmacology curriculum renewal to improve graduate outcomes and public safety; $220 000. Mills PC (project leader) and representative from the other 7 Australasian veterinary schools.


  • ‘The virtual slidebox – A new learning paradigm for exploring the microscopic world’, Farah, C; Mills, P.C., Aland, C $233,346.


  • ALTC Fellowships Scheme: Adams, Peter Embedding quantitative principles in life sciences education $99,000
  • 2007: ALTC Fellowships Scheme: Bulmer, M. Technology for Nurture in Large Classes $98,848 


  • ALTC Carrick Grant  Adams, P. A new enabling technology for learning and teaching quantitative skills $134,749
  • Barnard, R Project: Extending teaching and learning initiatives in the cross-disciplinary field of biotechnology $100,000
    • Project team:  Associate Professor Ross Barnard, Faculty of Biological & Chemical Sciences and Dr. Damian Hine, School of Business from UQ, and teams from New South Wales, Flinders and Monash Universities.