UQ Science International Scholarship awardee, Alice Jackson, in front of the Management Studies Building at UQ Gatton campus.
UQ Science International Scholarship awardee, Alice Jackson, in front of the Management Studies Building at UQ Gatton campus.
Program: Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Why did you choose your current program at UQ?
I chose Veterinary Science as I have always had a passion for science and a love for animals. Growing up on a farm really cemented for me, the idea of becoming a veterinarian as we constantly had either vet students or qualified vets at our farm and I just wanted to be one of them. I chose UQ Gatton as it had accreditation in a lot of countries around the world and as well as having a love for veterinary, I also have a love for travelling. Studying at UQ seemed perfect for me as I loved the way the course was set out, with a strong practical base as well as it having a large number of lecture contact hours.
What were your first impressions of Brisbane and UQ?
I am not at the Brisbane campus as I am at the Gatton campus which is an hour west of Brisbane. But the Gatton campus is brilliant. I have learnt so much, both about veterinary and about myself as a person. The campus is based around the central walk way and all the lectures are so close to the halls of residence. I really got stuck in to student life as soon as I got here, becoming First Year hall Rep. This is a brilliant opportunity for me as I was able to attend a NAAUC conference which was held at the Brisbane campus (St Lucia) and I got the chance to develop my skills further, especially in public speaking.
What are your impressions of Science at UQ?
I think the facilities at UQ Gatton are fantastic. I really feel I am getting the most out of my course. As the lecture rooms and the practical labs are brilliant and the animal facilities are so well equipped. I was really impressed at the level of professionalism that UQ Gatton carry out all the practicals.
What extracurricular activities are you involved in? 
I am involved in social netball which I thoroughly recommend, I also have taken an active role in Res Club, where I am First Year Shelton (my hall) Representative. This role allows me to convey messages down to my peers in halls and help improve skills like time management. The role also enables me to organise events, helping me practise qualities like event planning.
What do you plan to do after graduation?
I plan to use my veterinary degree around the world and hopefully exploring as many areas within Veterinary science as possible. I look forward to a challenge and I definitely believe Veterinary is the degree to put me through my paces.
Do you have any advice for students from your country that are thinking about studying Science at UQ?
Take every opportunity that comes to you! Be enthusiastic and just jump right in. 

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