Akash Boda in one of UQ's Biotechnology labs.
Akash Boda in one of UQ's Biotechnology labs.
Program: Bachelor of Biotechnology (Bioinformatics)
Country of Origin: India
Why did you choose to study in Australia and at UQ?
UQ’s reputation as a research-intensive university encouraged me to choose it over the 5 other universities that offered me admission in Australia. Brisbane’s weather was similar to the place in India I am from and I love the beautiful St. Lucia campus which was one of the major factors in my choice of UQ.
What were your first impressions of Brisbane?
It was exciting as well as daunting to travel here on my own, not knowing anyone here. The idea of transition to university from an academic perspective was less worrying to me than being able to adjust to the culture shock, however to my relief, I was welcomed with open hearts and minds by fellow students, academics and Australians in general. Brisbane is nice, quiet and one of best “live-able” cities.  UQ’s vibrant and scenic campus makes it a second home away from home.
What are your impressions of science at UQ?
UQ is a strong-hold for life science research which suits my interests and academic background. The lectures can be theory oriented sometimes but then opportunities like ASPinS (Advanced Study Program in Science) allow you to do hands-on-research in the lab while you’re still an undergraduate. The academics are amazing, really helpful and supportive and so are the administrative staff.
What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
UQ has so much to offer in terms of extra-curricular involvement. Currently being a member of ABSA (AusBiotech Student Association) executive committee as UQ-St. Lucia campus representative, I have a great opportunity to be an interface between university students and the biotechnology industry. I represent the Student Science Consultative Committee for 3rd  year Biotechnology with the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences and the Biotechnology Advisory Board, which again is a great opportunity for networking, enhancing your leadership abilities and to go that extra-mile in addition to my studies.
There are myriad of student clubs and societies to be involved in depending on one’s interest, but certainly there is something for everyone. SUSS or the Society for Undergraduate Science Students (member of executive as a 3rd year representative and Vice Academic Coordinator), Quest society, the Indian Student Society (member of executive as event coordinator), UQ Dance and the UQ Skeptics are some of the clubs that I’m associated with. They provide an excellent opportunity to meet other people, develop your inter-personal skills and most importantly have fun. UQ Dance Club has been a memorable experience, making friends and breaking the dance floor with some nice moves.
What do you plan to do after graduation?
I want to prolong these 4 years of undergraduate study as long as I can as I don’t want to graduate any time soon. However, on a serious note I’ll probably go ahead with my post-graduate studies after a short break involving a bit of traveling and work experience.
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