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The Faculty of Science makes annual Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  These awards recognise and reward individuals or small teams who are renowned for the excellence of their teaching and make a significant contribution to the outstanding teaching and learning achievements in the Faculty. 

There are up to four awards granted each year at the discretion of the Teaching and Learning Committee. Each award winner will receive a certificate and a grant of $5,000. The awards will be presented during the university’s Teaching and Learning Week in early November.

Winners of the Award may be asked to give a presentation outlining their teaching practice.




·         Nominations are welcome from academic staff members with a teaching focused, teaching/research or teaching/clinical appointment, who have been a member of the university for at least two years. Self-nominations are welcome, as are nominations by peers or students. Nominees should not have received this award or a similar award recently; any previous winner of a UQ or faculty award may only re-apply if the area of teaching excellence has significantly changed. Applicants who have previously been unsuccessful are invited to re-apply.  

·         All nominees should attach a statement (no more than 2 pages, single spaced, 12 pt font), written in their own words, addressing one or more of the selection criteria. (There is no need to address all, or even multiple, criteria.)

·         Nominees must provide evidence in the written statement to support their claims against the criteria. Evidence may take a range of forms, and nominees are encouraged to think broadly as to the types of evidence they have to support their claims. Some examples include written and quantitative SeCAT student feedback (including changes in these over time), formal or informal feedback from employers/colleagues/graduates, data from program-level evaluations including evidence from benchmarking activities, changes in assessment outcomes/attrition/enrolments.

·         Additional evidence and documentation supporting claims made in the statement may be appended, but should be brief and limited to material explicitly demonstrating the criteria (eg 1 page summary of TEVALs or other evaluations providing assessment of your overall effectiveness as a University teacher).

·          Endorsement of Chair, School T&L Committee (or Head of School, if applicant is School T&L Chair) should be appended to the nomination. Send completed applications, signed by the School T&L Chair, together with supporting documentation, to Robyn Evans (robyn.evans@uq.edu.au), Faculty Teaching and Learning Support officer in the Faculty of Science, by 5pm, Friday 6th October 2017




·         Approaches to teaching that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn

·         Development of curricula and resources that reflect a command of the field

·         Effective Approaches to assessment and feedback

·         Respect and support for the development of students as individuals

·         Scholarly activities that have influenced and enhanced learning and teaching


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